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Have a lovely week!

What better way to spend your weekend?

Diving with friends, of course!


These guys had a nice long weekend off so decided to dive as much as they could in the last two days.

Now it's back to work for everyone. Have a lovely week!

DUIKVAKER Expo-Houten 2018

Dear dive buddies, friends and colleagues,

We are happy to announce that we will also be at the Duikvaker show in Houten from 03.-04.02.2018 with our own stand 380.

Abdel and Laurena are going to be presenting us during the entire weekend.


Come visit us and book our offers during the Duikvaker to get your discount on direct bookings.

We give good offers for dive clubs, dive groups and families.

We will be very happy to meet you all there and catch up!

Circle Divers team

Celebration Christmas Eve 2017

We would like to thank everyone for celebrating Christmas eve with us. It has been a lovely and fun evening

Xmas Eve Xmas EveXmas Eve Xmas EveXmas Eve Xmas EveXmas Eve Xmas EveXmas Eve

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

We wish you and all those close to you a joyous holiday season and a new year filled with happiness.

Merry Christmas 🎅 and a Happy New Year 🎆 from everyone at Circle Divers!

Xmax 2018 ok

BOOT Düsseldorf 2018

Dear dive buddies, friends and colleagues,

We are very happy to announce that we will be at the BOOT show in Düsseldorf from 20.-28.01.2018 with Hepca / Red Sea stand hall 3 A90.

BOOT 2018

Abdel and Laurena are going to be presenting us during the entire show.

Come visit us and book our offers during the BOOT to get your discount on direct bookings. We give good offers for dive clubs, dive groups and families.

We will be very happy to meet you all there and catch up!

Circle Divers team

First Anniversary!!

Exactly one year ago I finally found a home for Circle Divers. It wasn’t an easy search; many hotels were closed or had existing dive centers within. I was therefore delighted to find not just any location but the perfect place, easy to get in and out; making it easier to give more choices for our divers as shore dives or boat dives; not too far from the main jetties in Sharm (Naama bay and Travco). And after a day diving, our divers they can enjoy their Deco beer from the bar next door, Safety Stop at the diving center. It is exactly what most of the divers want! 😊

‘How do we find your new place?’ guests would often ask.

‘You don’t have to. We find you!’ We don’t just drop you off; our transfer service picks you up and takes you to our dive center, the jetty and back to your hotel … wherever that’s located. Or if you want to stay close to our diving center, there are many hotels in our area with or without direct beach.

Opening a new business a year ago at the height of the local recession was no easy task. However, with hard work, a fantastic team and keeping our standards high we are very proud to be celebrating our first anniversary. It is particularly satisfying to welcome not just our new guests, but our first group of returning guests.

On behalf of all the team at Circle Divers I would like to thank everyone who has dived with us and helped make our first twelve months a success. You have been a part of our bigger family and we cannot wait to welcome you again and join us for our anniversary celebrations tonight.

Abdelsalam & the whole Circle Divers Team

Circle Divers OkCircle Divers Ok

Sizzling Winter Special

❄❄❄ Winter is coming!! ❄❄❄

We have a fantastic offer for you, so you can escape the cold winter and recharge your battery in the sun!

Check out our Sizzling Winter Special!

Sizzling Winter Special

Our Sizzling Winter Special includes:

  • 7 nights Half Board in a double room at Coral Hills Resort
  • 10 Dive Package (incl. VAT)
  • Free nitrox
  • Airport Transfer
  • Lunch and drinks on the boat
  • Ras Mohammed National Park Fees

Earliest arrival 10/11/2017 – latest departure 23/12/2017 and earliest arrival 06/01/2018 – latest departure 27/03/2018

Check out your flight options

If you have any questions or would like to have more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our diving center!

Anita Stoppini

It's time to introduce our newest team member, Anita.


She fell in love with diving so badly, that she decided to become an instructor which she completed in 2015. She came to support us over the winter season, but let's see what happens afterwards 😉 She can teach PADI courses in German (and Swiss German), English, Spanish and French. Her favourite dive site is Shark Observatory from the shore, and she cannot wait to show you this amazing dive site.

Welcome to our family Anita!

Birthday celebration!

It was Patrick's birthday yesterday!! 🎂 May all your wishes come true.

We hope you had an amazing day. We are very happy we could celebrate this special day with you!

EID celebration

A perfect way to start the EID, with the people who are close to you!

WhatsApp Image 2017 09 02 at 07.02.48

Happy Feast!

Eid al-Adha is an Islamic festival. On this day, Muslims celebrate in several ways. A large feast is the high point of the day. The name of the holiday, Eid Al-Adha, means "The Feast of the Sacrifice." An animal is sacrificed, in much the same way that Ibraham sacrificed a lamb. One-third of the meat is given to the poor, and the rest goes to the holiday feast. Children get gifts to commemorate the holiday, and special prayers are said throughout the day.


We would like to wish everybody over the whole world a happy feast!



Terms & Conditions:

- Prices are per person in a double room

- 7 nights including half board

- Airport transfer included

- 10 guided dives including 12l tanks, weight and transfer or complete open water course including manual, certification, equipment and transfer

- Nitrox for free (if Nitrox certified)

- Only prebooking

- Booking no later than 10 days before arrival

Wrecks in the Red Sea (part 4)

Wrecks in the Red Sea!!
The story of the Jolanda!!

The Jolanda was a Cypriot Cargo Ship built at Juliana Constructora Gijonesa SA, Gijon, Spain. She was launched in August 1963 and completed in 1964. The Jolanda was 74.8 meters in length, 10.8 meters in beam, with propulsion being provided by a single diesel engine and shaft.
Loss of the Jolanda:
On 01 April 1980, the ship was en route from Piraeus to Aqaba in rough weather with a cargo of ceramics (bath tubs, toilets, sinks, etc.), aluminum, plastic sheeting, and containers of general cargo. Additionally, there was onboard, a BMW 320 automobile which is supposed to have belonged to the ship’s captain. The ship ran hard aground on the tip a reef at the southern end of Ras Mohammed National Park. After being stuck on the reef for 4 days, the ship rolled over onto her port side and sank, her stern hanging over a ledge that leads into deeper water. Here the ship stayed for a number of years, continuing to roll over until she was nearly completely capsized. In 1985, the ship finally dropped off the ledge of the reef and slid into the deep, only leaving behind remnants of her cargo, the BMW, and various scraps of metal from the ship.
The Dive Site
The remnants of the ship’s cargo, car, steel, etc. lie in between 10 and 25 meters on the reef which has since become known as “Yolanda” reef (note the misspelling of the name) and is on the list of recreational dive sites in Sharm el Sheikh. A typical dive there starts at a site known as Shark Reef to the east and, drifting along a reef wall in a westerly direction to a sandy saddle between Shark and Yolanda Reefs. Continuing along the southern face of Yolanda Reef you come to the west side of the reef and this is where the remains of the ship’s cargo are found. Lots of aquatic life to be seen throughout the entire dive.

The remains of the ship lie at around 160 meters below the ledge at Yolanda Reef and approximately 130 meters away from the reef itself. The wreck was found in May 2005 by deep divers Leigh Cunningham and Mark Andrews.

Jolanda Map

Jolanda  Jolanda 2  Jolanda 2  Jolanda 2

RIP Binky

We are very sad to inform you that our beloved Binky has passed away on Friday morning at 5am. It all happened very fast and we are thankful he didn't suffer. He touched the heart of many people. He will be missed, but never forgotten ❤️❤️❤️

RIP Binky ❤️ We love you and we will miss you!


Circle One

We are proud to present our newest asset, Circle One 😊

WhatsApp Image 2017 08 01 at 10.36.42

Some of you have already been picked up with Circle One and for the ones who haven't, you will be next time! 😄


A day trip to Dahab is a great way to dive different dive sites and to explore a different town.

You will be picked up from your hotel by your guide and then you will drive to Dahab, which takes approximately an hour.


You will drive to the first dive site, which will be the Canyon.

After you finish the first dive, you will drive to the second dive site the Blue Hole. You will start the dive at El Bells and continue your dive to the Blue Hole.

Blue Hole 2

When you come out, it's time to pack your box and drive to the town for a delicious lunch. Once you have finished eating, you can enjoy some free time for shopping or you can relax at any of the nice coffee shops at the promenade till it's time to drive back to Sharm.

Ras Mohammed by land

Ras Mohammed by land is a lovely experience which everyone should try at least once! Not only for divers, it's also perfect for partners, family and friends that don't dive.

PADI Women's Dive Day

Yesterday, the 15th of July was PADI Women's Dive Day. Our female divers had a great day at Ras Umm Sid.

Lisa Hofer

It's time to meet our newest team member, Lisa

She came to Sharm el Sheikh in 2007 for the first time. Falling in love with the Red Sea, she came back several times. And in 2014, she decided to do her instructor course and work here for a while. Her love for the Red Sea is so strong that she came back 3 weeks ago and started to work with us. She can teach PADI courses in German and English.

We are happy to have you in our team Lisa!


Wrecks in the Red Sea (part 3)

Wrecks in the Red Sea!!
The story of the SS Thistlegorm!!

True Story of the Red Sea’s Greatest Wreck
Written by John Kean
A trip around Thistlegorm today is like traveling through time and many visitors experience high emotions during the dive. It is after all a bombsite with highly visible signs of great destruction and loss. It's also a giant underwater museum, a war grave, a unique piece of military history and an opportunity to step into the past during a period when the free world was under threat from one of the most tyrannous regimes of modern times.
Sunk by German bomber planes in World War Two, SS Thistlegorm has lain at the bottom of the sea for over sixty years. Located in the Straits of Gubal, Northern Red Sea this famous vessel has been the subject of much activity and drama during its two lives as both a seagoing merchant ship and as a world-class diving site.

Despite extensive public knowledge and interest in Thistlegorm, it will continue to inspire a sense of mystery. Jacques Cousteau's visit in 1955 remains the subject of much discussion and like the legend himself Thistlegorm continues to attract speculation and controversy from beyond the grave.

Divers can visit the wreck from Sharm El Sheikh by daily boat or during a weeklong safari. Located on a bed of just thirty metres in good visibility this is the perfect wreck dive where much of the original cargo still remains. The bow is just fifteen metres below the surface and the propeller at twenty-seven. Measuring over four hundred feet long, SS Thistlegorm often requires several dives to complete an extensive coverage, inside and out.

Currents may occasionally be strong; however, mooring lines tied by the guide allow divers to make a comfortable descent to the shelter of the wreck. Once inside, divers can explore the ship's holds where time has seemingly stood still. Motorbikes, trucks, guns and wartime cargo, never to reach its destination, lay stacked where it was loaded back in 1941.
It must be said, that even after several hundred dives on Thistlegorm, such is the allure it holds for divers, that there is always something new to see. Very recently, a local diver claims that he stumbled across a newly discovered locomotive some one hundred and fifty metres from the wreck. The race is on to reach and photograph the engine together with the ship's funnel, both of which, allegedly, are still attached to the deck blown clean off the ship by the explosion.

Diving SS Thistlegorm requires certification as a trained diver, beyond entry level, through a recognised scuba training agency. In any event, divers visit the wreck at their own risk.

Crew Interviews
Excerpts from live interviews with actual survivors of
SS Thistlegorm under attack in 1941:
Glyn Owen
"I heard a plane making what appeared to be a second run or at least sounded like a diving run and my training I suppose came out and I just flung myself out of my hammock on the deck beneath and crouched behind a winch and then there was just two explosions and a mass of flame and my hammock above my head caught fire."
Ray Gibson
"…I was on watch behind the bridge, and next thing there was a big bang and I realised we had been either bombed or torpedoed, one of the two, but we'd been hit by enemy action….."
Angus McLeay
"I made for the side to jump overboard and the rail was almost red-hot under my hand. I don't know why, but, just as I was going to jump, I looked back and saw the gunner crawling along the deck on the other side. The deck was covered with broken glass and I had to take the bits out of my feet before I could carry the gunner through the flames, which came up to my chest in places."
John Whitham
"I was on watch at twelve o'clock and about one o'clock we heard the sound of aircraft. We looked across to the Carlisle and there was nothing indicating from her and the sound of the aircraft got nearer and the first thing that we realised was that he was planting a few bombs on us, which, unfortunately, dropped in number four hold, possible number five, but number four I do know, because there was some flames shooting out from there and we……we'd quite a good fire going for a while."
Denis Gray
"…it seemed like two or three minutes I would think, that this huge explosion took place and of course we were looking in the direction of the Thistlegorm at the time and shortly after the explosion there was a huge sheet of flame which lit up both sides of the Red Sea at that point, we could see it light up the Mount Sinai on one side and Egypt on the other side and all the ships and everything around and then all of a sudden there seemed to be a second explosion and still looking in that d irection we were amazed to see what turned out to be a railway engine and it was red hot with sparks flying from it and it was coming in our direction."
SS Thistlegorm
Albyn Line: Formed 21st June, 1901
Built: January 1941, Joseph L. Thompson and Sons Ltd, Sunderland

Type: Steamship, single screw
Gross Tonnage: 4898 tonnes
Length: 415 feet/126m
Sale price: £115,000

Launched: 9th April 1940, by Mrs K.W. Black
1) USA to bring back steel rails and aircraft parts
2) Argentina, returning with grain
3) West Indies for sugar and rum
4) Final voyage to Suez

Crew: 41
Bombed: 6th October 1941
Casualties: 9

Cousteau's visit: 1955
Rediscovered: 1974 first known dive to wreck
Dive site: First publicised in 1992
Television: First TV documentary in 1995
'Thistlegorm's Last Voyage' by Caroline Hawkins
Location: Safe anchorage 'F' in the Straits of Gubal
Depth: Deepest point at 30m
Shallowest point at 13m

Position: Sha'ab Ali 27 48.800 N / 33 55.250 E


The best way of diving
Enjoy your own adventure








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