Do you want to enjoy your diving adventure in a really special way? Consider a Safari or staying in a dive camp.

Safari (Liveaboard)

Daily boats are not enough for you? You want to stay on the boat for a couple of days with  up to 5 dives a day?

Dive, eat, sleep and repeat – that’s what a liveaboard is about.

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We offer:

  • Overnight Safari
  • Mini Safari
  • Wreck Safari
    Northern and Southern Red Sea Safari

For more information and booking contact us.

Dive Camp Ras Mohammed

Camping at Ras Mohammed is an experience you should really consider. Sleeping under the stars, eating great food and enjoying the Bedouin tea. This is how diving started in the Sinai in the late seventies…into the nature! You are away from everything and do up to three dives a day from the shore in the National Park of Ras Mohammed.

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The first one takes place before breakfast. After breakfast, you will discover the beauty of the desert before you go for the second dive. After the second dive there will be a nice lunch waiting for you. And in the afternoon you will do your third dive. In between the dives there is enough time to relax or simply take a nap. In the evening you will enjoy the most beautiful sunset you can imagine before going to sleep in your tent.

Supplement on dive package: 70€ (Incl. single or double tent, three meals, transfer, guide, tanks and weights)
Additional costs: Ras Mohammed National Park Fee 5€

The best way of diving
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