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COP-27 conference November 2022

COP-27 conference November 2022

COP-27 conference November 2022

As you may already know Egypt will host the conference COP 27 this year. 

Whilst Egypt may be privileged to be holding this UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm El Sheikh this year, it does mean some disruption to normal activities in the area. 

If you are planning your holiday between 7th and 18th November and most probably a few days before and after the event and you cannot reschedule then please be advised that only Ras Mohamed areas will be open for diving activities

For at least 2 days either at the start or the end of the conference all activities will be ceased during the presidential visits. The dates of those visits have yet to be determined due to security risks. 

We are assured that Dahab will remain unaffected and will be business as usual although we do expect heightened security throughout the Sinai, meaning travelling through check points may take a little longer than usual.